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Prostitution In Cambodia. 2005

In recent years, prostitution and especially child prostitution, has emerged in South-East Asia as a globally recognized phenomenon. The number of young girls being sold to brothels in Cambodia, has also increased during this period. Poverty is rampant and many children, both male and female, are forced into prostitution as a source of income. Cambodia also suffers from it's image of lawlessness which attracts pedophiles and fuels the situation. Recent reports from ONG's estimate that there are more than 30,000 child prostitutes between the ages of 7 and 14 in Phnom Penh; with as many as 72% of these unable to attend school.

On a more positive side Cambodia has signed international treaties and has laws to protect its children. Child abuse carries a penalty of up to 30 years in prison. In the recent years, offenders have been arrested and prosecuted for debauchery in Cambodia and the judicial system is becoming increasingly efficient and sensitive to the issue of sexual abuse of children by sentencing offenders and allowing zero opportunity for legal corruption. The international community is also actively involved in the protection of Cambodian children; many countries now have extra-territoriality laws that are being effectively implemented. Antoine D'agata went to Cambodia to see the what is happening on the ground.


Antoine d'AGATA




Né en 1961 à Marseille. Quitte la France en 1983 et, pendant dix ans, vit à l'étranger. En 1990, s'initie à la photographie à l'ICP à New York, avec Larry Clark, Nan Goldin... En 1991 et 1992, assistant au Bureau éditorial de l'agence Magnum à New York. Retour en France en 1993. Cesse toute activité photographique entre 1993 et 1996. En 1998, publication de son premier livre : De mala muerte. Représenté par la Galerie VU à partir de 1999. Publication de Hometown en 2001. Prix Niépce, Paris, 2001. Exposition 1001 Nuits et publication de Vortex et Insomnia en septembre 2003 à Paris. Rejoint l'Agence Magnum Photos en 2004. Publication de Stigma en 2004. Tournage du Ventre du Monde, premier court-métrage vidéo en octobre 2004. Vit et travaille à Paris. Rencontre AIDETOUS en 2005.


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